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What reports and analysis are available for consolidated groups?

After creating a consolidated group, you get access to all the same reports that a company gets. In addition, Fathom also provides some additional reports for consolidated groups.  

The 'Breakdown' analysis tool and reports makes it easy to compare the performance of the companies within your consolidated group. For example, this analysis helps to answer fundamental questions about the profitability of each company within a group.

Using the menu at the top of the analysis tool, you can quickly select from a range of profitability margins. And then sort results, from best performer to worst performer, or sort by alphabetical order.

In addition to the profitability metrics, you can view a breakdown analysis for any other metric. To do this select the magnifying glass. 

The consolidated financial statements are also valuable reports for consolidated groups. This report provides a side-by-side view of your companies along with the consolidated financial statements. This report also includes the eliminations in your consolidated group, and presents the exchange rates used (if applicable).

This report can be accessed via the 'Reports' section in Fathom, under 'Excel Reports'. See the 'Consolidated Financial Statements' report.