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Managing what features a user can access

When you "invite a person" to join your Fathom account or "edit" a person, you can select which features a user can access. 

For each user, access to specific features can be enabled or disabled. Toggle each setting to either 'on' or 'off' to allow or prevent access.


"Advanced User Permissions" is useful in the following scenarios:

1. If you wish a user to be restricted from accessing an analysis tool (ie. the growth analysis tool)

2. If you wish a “client” user to be able to set targets for their company, but be restricted from accessing other company setup features.

3. If you wish a user to be prevented from accessing/viewing certain aspects of the Report Centre

Note: The advanced user permissions cannot conflict with the permissions associated with the assigned user role. For example, you cannot prevent an ‘editor’ user from editing the setup of a company.

To access "Advanced User Permissions":

1. Login to your Fathom account
2. Select the Administration menu (cog icon) from the top right menu
3. Select "User Management", and then click “Edit” for a user
4. Click "Show advanced user permissions"
You can also configure these permissions when you "invite a person" into your Fathom account.