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Importing Tracking Class Data from QuickBooks Online

When importing from QuickBooks Online into Fathom, you can now optionally choose to also import data for selected classes and locations. 


First select the period range for import > then click 'Import' 

Then choose which classes and locations you wish to import for analysis. You can select to import a maximum of 20 class options per company.

After selecting class options, click on ‘Confirm selection’ to start the import process.

(The import of data for each class may take up to 1 minute - depending on the number of monthly periods to be imported).

While the import is occurring, you can proceed on with using Fathom. Click ‘Continue using Fathom’ to proceed. A notification will appear to let you know when this import is complete.

Updating Class Data from QuickBooks

To update the financial results for a company and associated results for each class option, you can choose for Fathom to automatically update every day from QuickBooks. This ensures that the results in Fathom keep in sync with the results in QuickBooks.

To do this, go to ‘Step 1’ of the company setup > Select the check box 'Automatically update every day'.


Importing Class Data for an Existing Company

To import tracking classes for an existing company in Fathom, go to ‘Step 1’ of the company setup > then click on ‘Edit’ to select which division, departments or locations you wish to include in your analysis.

Some more information about tracking class analysis for Quickbooks can be found in this step-by-step guide: Tracking Class Analysis for Quickbooks