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Breakdown Analysis

Using the new Breakdown analysis, it’s easy to compare the performance of different areas of your business.

This analysis provides a universal lens into the performance of all your divisions and locations (or other business segments).

It helps to answer fundamental questions about the profitability and performance of each division or location.

This analysis is also useful for consolidated groups.

You can quickly select from a range of profitability margins using the menu at the top of the analysis tool. And then sort results, from best performer to worst performer, or sort by alphabetical order. You can also pivot the analysis by line of business.

In addition to the profitability metrics, you can view a breakdown analysis for any other metric. To do this select the magnifying glass.

Then from the side panel, select any specific revenue account, expense account, financial KPI or custom KPI. You can also search for a metric or accounts.

To view additional details about the metric results for a specific tracking category option: click on any row in the breakdown analysis to view more details and a trend of results.

Create a Report

Click on the 'download a report' icon to create a PDF report of the current view.

Note: any amounts not classified to a tracking option, are shown as ‘unclassified’.