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Creating a Consolidated Group

Fathom enables you to group your related companies together to easily create reports for a consolidated group.

To create a group go to ‘Create a group’ > then select 'Create a consolidated group'

In Fathom a consolidated group is a single entity which is comprised of more than one company and a maximum of 300 companies. So, in addition to assessing a company on a stand-alone basis, you can now track and monitor the performance of a group to which a company belongs.

This feature enables you to create an aggregate view of both the financial and non-financial performance of a group. Note: members of a consolidated group are not required to have the same Chart of Accounts.


For consolidated groups with multiple currencies, please see Multi-Currency consolidations.

In addition to using the analysis tools to assess the group, you can also compare, rank and benchmark these groups using the Fathom benchmarking tools. The breakdown tool is also available for consolidated groups showing a breakdown of each company, for each metric.

After consolidating it will be necessary to review the KPIs, targets and alerts and set them accordingly for the consolidated company.

Consolidating Custom KPIs

Custom KPIs can be created in two ways. They can be created and belong only to one company. Alternatively, they can be created in the 'KPI Library' and then be used by multiple companies.

KPIs from the KPI Library are the only custom KPIs which can be consolidated across companies. Custom KPIs belonging to a single company will be ignored during the consolidation process.

All KPI results in the date range specified, will be automatically consolidated into the new group.

A step-by-step guide to consolidations can be found here: Guide to Consolidations in Fathom