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Sharing access to companies

To 'Share' access with other users > go to the 'My Companies' screen, then hover over the row of the company you wish to share. Select the three dots at the end of the row and then click 'Share'. 

This is the typically the final step in the setup process. In this step, you can share access to this company’s analysis and reports with other users.

Other users may include your colleagues, staff and/or clients.

To share access, a person must first be a user in your Fathom organisation.
To invite a person to be a user in your Fathom organisation, ask your administrator to send them an invitation. Refer to setting up a user.


Access to clients is typically granted with read-only rights. This enables this user to access the reports and analysis for this company. However, the user us restricted from importing company data and accessing the setup.

Access granted to a user may be revoked at any time. 

After you have setup users with the required access, click on 'View Analysis' to access the Fathom analysis tools.