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Step 5: Set Targets

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To get to 'Set Targets' > go to 'Setup' for a company > then 'Step 5'.

In this step you can set a target for each selected KPIs.

Target can be applied on a common basis. In other words, the same fixed target will be applied each month to a KPI. Alternatively, you can vary the set target for each month, quarter, year for each KPI. To do this you will need to turn on variable targets, at the top of this screen.

If you specify a monthly target, Fathom will use this to calculate an equivalent target for each quarter (or QTD period) and year (or YTD period).

Using Budgets as your Target.
If you have imported a budget, then you can use this budget to quickly set targets for KPIs. To use the budget as a target for a KPI, simply tick the green 'use budget' tickbox. 

Note: The 'use budgets' tickbox is only available when the KPI result can be calculated from the budget data. For example, if your budget data only includes the profit and loss / income statement, then it is not possible to use this budget data to calculate KPIs which are dependent on balance sheet values.


Using variable targets
If you wish to specify a unique target for each period (month, quarter or year). Then change the target method to 'use variable targets'.


After you have set the targets, please save the changes and proceed to ‘Step 6’.