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Step 6: Set Alerts

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To get to 'Set Alerts' > go to 'Setup' for a company > then 'Step 6'.

In this step, you can set alert thresholds for some KPIs. An alert threshold is not a ‘business as usual’ target, rather this represents a critical level which may indicate that the business is experiencing financial stress.

For example, an alert may occur when Accounts Receivable days exceed a specific result; or when the cash held by the business drops below a certain amount.

Each alert can either be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’. For alerts which are turned on, you can specify an alert threshold.

When an alert is triggered a notification appears within the Fathom analysis tools and reports.
Alerts are visible in the KPI Analysis tools and in the Alerts dashboard.


The setup process is now complete, click on 'View Analysis' to access the company analysis.