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Importing financial data from Xero

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To add company data from Xero > Select ‘Add a Company’ > then select ‘Xero’ as the source.

The first time Fathom connects to your Xero organisation, you must authorise Fathom to access your data from Xero. You’ll only need to do this once for each Xero organisation.

When you return to Fathom, you can select the period range of data that you wish to retrieve from Xero. Tip: Choose your starting month carefully - afterwards you will not be able to import data prior to this month.

In addition to your actual data, you can also optionally import your budget. To import a financial budget select 'include budgets'. Budget data will then be imported from Xero. This data is useful for setting targets and also enables 'budget vs actual' analysis.

If you have more than one budget in Xero, Fathom will import your default budget.
Note: You can also import a budget from Excel, rather than Xero.

When ready to import for your financial data from Xero, click ‘Import’.

After importing your accounting data, Fathom lets you categorise your accounts in a few clicks, and then immediately view an analysis.

To import tracking category data from Xero
Fathom allows you to import tracking category data for analysis. You can choose to import tracking categories during the initial import process, and you can also import tracking category data for existing companies. More information on how to import tracking categories can be found here: Import Tracking Category Data from Xero

To update your data from Xero
At anytime in the future, you can update/refresh the data in Fathom by selecting ‘Update / Setup’ for a company from the ‘My Companies’ screen > then click 'Update from Xero'. This will synchronize the data in Fathom with the data in Xero. If required, you can also update the budget from Xero.