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8. Goalseek

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Overview: The Goalseek tool helps to answer the "How do we get there?" question. This tool helps to identify strategies to achieve a desired outcome and also helps to identify the sensitivity of key performance drivers.

To use the goalseek tool, complete the following steps:

  1. Select a KPI
  2. Specify a goal, then click 'Goalseek'
  3. Change one or many drivers to achieve a goal (using either the slider or by entering a change value). To use the slider, drag the white box located below the 0% marker.

The value listed under the 'To achieve goal' column represent a mutually exclusive change amount that is required to achieve the desired goal. 


Tip: If you anticipate that an increase in price will cause a reduction in sales volume... then increase price by X% and then move the slider for sale volume to a negative change % value. This will be represented by a red indicator on the volume slider. The impact of this will be represented on the progress bar by a reduction in the KPI starting value.