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2. KPI Explorer

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Overview: This tool provides an overview of the performance of all of your KPIs – in one simple view!  The KPI explorer helps to identify areas of strength or weakness in the business. This interactive tool shows both Financial KPIs and Non-financial KPIs.

A green symbol indicates that for the current period a KPI has achieved a favourable result. A red cross indicates an unfavourable result. Each KPI is evaluated against a target. These targets are set in ‘Step 4’ of the setup. The percentage value in the middle of the KPI Explorer represents the % of KPIs which have achieved a favourable result.

By default, the KPIs are grouped in performance perspectives – such as profitability, efficiency, activity, cash flow, growth, gearing etc… This view can be re-ordered by sorting by result (variance from target) or by sorting by importance. The importance of each KPI is set in ‘Step 4’ of the setup.


To find out more detail about a KPI, simply click the KPI result symbol. Some additional detail including commentary about the KPI, an explanation of how the KPI is calculated, a summary trend chart and other key numbers will then show.

At the top of the tool you can change the period currently under review. You can also toggle between a monthly, quarterly or annual view of performance.

A PDF report which contains the KPI Explorer is available in the ‘KPI Summary’ report.