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9. Financials

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Overview: This tool provides a summary of the company's financial statements (Profit & Loss/Income Statement and Balance Sheet) in a standardized format. In addition, this tool also includes variance analysis and common size analysis.

  1. To toggle between the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet click on the appropriate tab.
  2. Variance analysis compares each financial value against results for the previous period or results for the same period from the prior year. If you have imported a budget, then you can also compare performance against your budget. To change the comparative column click on the variance column header.
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over any financial value to see an audit trail to the source accounts which were tagged to that standardized account.
  4. Common-size analysis on the Profit & Loss expresses each line item as a percent of total revenue.


The Balance Sheet view enables you to change between a traditional balance sheet and a 'separation of operations and finance' balance sheet.
Common-size analysis on the balance sheet expresses each line item as a percent of either Total Assets or Total Liabilities and Equity. 


At the top of the tool you can change the period currently under review. You can also toggle between a monthly, quarterly or annual view of performance.

A PDF report which contains the a summary of the data in the tool is available in the ‘Financial Statements’ report.