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6. Growth Analysis

Watch a video overview:


Overview: The growth analysis tool helps to understand and assess a company's growth. This tool helps to visualize a company's growth trajectory from a selected starting period to the current period. Monthly, quarterly and annual growth can each be visualized in this tool.

Some common measures of growth include: Turnover, Market Share, Profit, Staff Numbers etc. These are all valid measures of growth, however to get a balanced view of growth, this tool seeks to assess a combination of growth measures, ie:

  • revenue and profit; or
  • revenue and cash flow; or
  • EBIT and Net operating assets 

A combination of measures can be assessed using a quadrant analysis. As seen here:


The size of the dot represents the recency of the period. In other words, as you progress further back in time, the dots get smaller. Hovering over each dot will reveal the period and key numbers behind the dot.

  1. Clicking on these numbers will allow you to drill down into additional detail about these key growth numbers. 
  2. Click here to change the selected growth measures.
  3. Click here to change the period at which to commence the growth analysis.
  4. Hover over the mini-map to show a description about each quadrant.
  5. This represents the starting period for the growth analysis.
  6. The largest dot represents the current period under analysis (ending period for the growth analysis).

At the top of the tool you can change the period currently under review. You can also toggle between a monthly, quarterly or annual views of growth.