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The Fathom application and all PDF reports can be customised with your own logo. 
This can only be performed by a user from your organisation with Administrator rights. To add a custom logo go to ‘Organisation Settings’ from the top menu > then refer to the the ‘Branding’ section.

To customise Fathom with your branding simply upload a .png or .jpg file which is smaller than 256KB and less than 300 x 150px in size.

If you need any assistance adding your own logo to Fathom, please contact our support team.

Once your logo has been added, it will replace the Fathom logo on the 'My Companies' page, as well as any PDF reports downloaded directly from the analysis tools. You can also use this logo to brand custom reports.


Adding your logo to Custom Reports

To add your logo to custom report templates, 'edit' the template, hover over the heading section of the template, and click on the option to "Edit Header"



You can then edit the header for the "Online" and/or "Print" (PDF) versions of the report, by clicking on the existing logo in the editing menu, and selecting one of the alternate logos from the dropdown menu.


Keep in mind that adding your logo to the online report does not automatically change the logo on the "Print" (PDF) version of the report. If you'd like to replace the logo on the "Print" (PDF) version of the report, click "Print" (next to "Online") and change the logo there as well.