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Users & Roles

Administrator users can invite people to join their organisation in Fathom. Administrators can also assign roles to users. Each role provides difference permissions.

To create a user (ie. invite a user to join Fathom), go to ‘User Management’ > then click the ‘Invite a Person’ button.

The different roles in Fathom are as follows:

Client (Viewer)
Clients can view the analysis and reports for companies that are shared with them. Client users cannot add, configure or delete companies.

Advisor (Editor)
Advisors can access companies that are shared with them or companies that they add to Fathom. They can add and configure companies, but are unable to delete companies.

Administrators can create new users, change organisation details, delete companies and create benchmark pools. They have access to every company in the organisation.

Account Owner
The account owner (in addition to also being an administrator) can update billing information, change plans and view usage information. There can only be one account owner per organisation.

Summary of user roles:


When creating a client or advisor user, you can also specify which companies and consolidated groups this person will be able to access.