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How do I start a Fathom subscription?

Step 1: Start a trial
If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to sign-up for a Fathom trial account here:

This trial is fully functional, you can add data for as many companies as you wish and also invite an unlimited number of users to join this account.

Note: by default the person who signs up for the account will become the “account owner”.
The account owner can update billing information, change plans and view usage information. There can only one account owner per Fathom account. If required, you can transfer this ownership to another member of your organisation.

Step 2: Sign-up for a paid plan
At any time, you can upgrade this Fathom trial account to a paid subscription. To do this:
1. Login to your Fathom trial account
2. Click "Start a Paid Plan" in the top menu bar
3. Select a plan (for more information view
4. Add billing details and review terms of service
5. Click "Sign-up"

Congratulations! You have completed the sign-up process.

Note: To request an invoice for your Fathom subscription:
As an account administrator, you can access your Fathom invoices by following steps:
1. Login to Fathom
2. Select the Administration menu (cog icon) from the top right menu
3. Select "Account / Billing", and then view the "Invoices" tab
4. Download any past invoice as a .pdf

Note: if you would like your invoices automatically emailed to you each month, simply add an email address in the "Email my invoices" field on this screen.