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How to eliminate accounts in a consolidated group

The eliminations feature in Fathom assists to remove the impact of transactions between companies in a group and enable a more accurate view of consolidated performance.

A typical use of an elimination would be to account for inter-company loans or inter-company management fees within a group.

To add an elimination go to ‘Step 3’ of the setup for a consolidated group.

First select the company then simply select the accounts you wish to eliminate from your consolidated view.


We recommend that inter-company transactions are isolated in specific accounts which can then be eliminated. This approach means that each elimination is applied once and is then maintained automatically for subsequent updates of the financial data.

To view a summary of your eliminations, go to the "Reports" section for this consolidated group and view the excel report titled ‘Full consolidated financial results, including eliminations’.

Within this report you can hover over any elimination amount to display the contribution from each company within the group.


How to perform eliminations adjustments

For more detailed eliminations, Fathom provides another option... This enables you to import an excel spreadsheet which details specific elimination adjustments, which are applied to the consolidated financials only.

Detailed instructions for both types of eliminations can be found here, in this Guide:

Fathom Guide to Consolidations

See pages 25-28.

In summary, to add elimination adjustments, go to "Add a company", then select "Excel" as the source, then import a spreadsheet, it will appear as another "company" in Fathom. We refer to this as "Eliminations Co".

You should then add this "company" to your consolidated group. Click on "Manage group" in 'Step 1' of the setup for the group. The financials of this entity should include only the journal adjustments that you wish to make to the consolidated group. The import spreadsheet MUST include the word "eliminations" in it's name (Cell B1). 

Fathom will recognise the adjustments contained in this import file in the eliminations column of your reports. For examples, when viewing the Excel report called "Consolidated financial results, including eliminations​", you will see data for "Eliminations Co." shown in the Eliminations column only.​

In your reports and analysis this entity will not be shown, however the adjustments from this entity will be reflected in the eliminations column of your consolidated financial statements.