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Layouts are pre-built collections of charts, analysis, and key number observations which fit on a single page of a report and help to streamline the process of building report templates.

They allow you to add a number of components to a page with a single click, thus saving you time in building out the pages of your report, while still allowing the flexibility to customise specific components on the page, including the sizing and positioning of those components.

Adding a layout
Click the '+' button to access the content library, and select 'Layouts'. There are 3 categories of Layouts, that are also grouped by portrait and landscape: 

  • KPIs:
    Select the “KPI Explorer” analysis tool for inclusion in the report, or select another option to display a large number of KPI results and observations together on a single page.

  • Revenue:
    Choose from various combinations and arrangements of charts to include on your page. This collection of layouts defaults to revenue-specific charts as a starting point, but each chart can be edited and replaced as needed. Additionally, you may select the “Benchmarking” layout to insert a full-page visualisation of Fathom’s “Compare” tool in your report.

  • Profitability:
    Choose from various combinations and arrangements of charts to include on your page. This collection of layouts defaults to profitability-specific charts, but you may edit and replace each chart as needed. Additionally, you may select the “Breakeven Analysis” layout to insert a full-page version of Fathom’s “Profitability” tool in your report. The “Benchmark” visualization is also available in this layout collection.

Editing Layouts
Each layout includes a default mix of components, intended to be a starting point for you to further customise, if needed. You can replace, edit, resize, and reposition each component within the layout once it’s been selected.

To alter a specific component, hover your mouse over the component to reveal a green menu, which will present various actions you may perform on that component. Clicking the 3 vertical dots in the menu that appears, will open a menu of choices for resizing, repositioning, or replacing the component.

Clicking the "EDIT" button when hovering over a component will allow you to edit the features of the component itself. For information on editing a specific component, please refer to the support article specific to that component type (ie. charts, tables, graphs, etc.)


Delete component
Remove the selected component from the layout.



Move component left/right within a row

Moving a component to the left or right will simply swap the placement of that component with the component directly to the left or right of it.

Hover over the component, click the 3 vertical dots that appear in the green menu in the upper-right portion of the component, and click the icons to "move component" left of right.



Resize Component (Height)

Alter the vertical space (as a % of total page height) a component takes up on a page.



Resize Component (Width)
Alter the horizontal space (as a % of the total page width) that a specific component takes up on a page



Change the title of a Layout



Move row up or down

To edit an entire row of components on a page, hover your mouse anywhere over the row, and click the green ‘up/down’ arrow icon that appears on the far right of the row, to surface actions you may take on the row itself.

Moving a row up or down will simply swap the positioning of that row with the row directly above or below it. 


You may also delete an entire row by hovering over the row, and clicking the "trash bin" icon that appears in the green menu to the far right of the row.