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Managing Date Ranges in Fathom


Fathom provides management reporting and analysis on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Fathom also enables month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date analysis and reporting.


Period Ranges

Monthly periods are based on a standard calendar month. However, quarterly and annual reporting periods are based on the financial year of the company in Fathom. The starting month of your company’s financial year in Fathom is determined by the financial year defined in your source accounting system, or in cell B2 of your Excel import sheet.



To view “month-to-date” results in Fathom for any current (incomplete) monthly period, you may import/update “partial” results for this period at any time in Step 1 of the company setup, under the “Financials” header. You will then be able to access “month-to-date” or partial results for this period by selecting the incomplete month to view in the “Analysis” or “Reports” sections of Fathom.


Quarterly (and QTD)

Quarterly periods in Fathom will be based on the financial year of your company. For example, if your financial year begins in January, Q1 will encompass January - March results. Quarter-to-Date (QTD) reporting is available for incomplete quarters. The results displayed for a QTD period will begin in the first month of the quarter, and will run through the most recently updated month, or month-to-date period in Fathom.


Annual (and YTD)

Fathom’s annual period will begin in the first month of your company’s financial year. For YTD reporting, the results will include data from the first month of your financial year, through the most recently imported/updated period in Fathom.


Altering Date Ranges for Reporting and Analysis

Fathom does not enable the selection of custom or non-standard date ranges for viewing in analysis tools. However, you may alter the date ranges included in your analysis or reports by managing the data imported to Fathom. For example, if your company has a financial year that begins in January, and you’ve imported results for the current year through August, but you’d like to view reporting/analysis that only incorporates “half-year” results (ie. January through June), you can simply remove all periods “from and including” July by utilizing the “Remove Periods” function in Step 1 of the company setup.


This will delete all data from Fathom from July of the given year, onward. Then, when you generate “YTD” reports or analysis for your company in Fathom, only January through June results will be included.


NOTE: You can always re-import deleted periods from Fathom if you’ve chosen the “from and including” option in the “Remove Periods” feature, as this option simply removes data from the chosen month, onward. However, when utilizing the “before and including” option, it is important to note that you are deleting historical periods that will effectively change the starting date of your company data in Fathom.


Once the starting date of your data has been altered by removing historical periods, these periods cannot be re-added, except by deleting and re-importing the company to Fathom.