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Scatter Plot (Benchmark) Charts



You can choose from a number of scatter plot charts to enable the analysis of multiple entities. These charts help you to see the big picture by comparing, ranking and benchmarking all the companies, clients or franchises that are part of a benchmark group.

These charts can be added to a report, for any company that is part of a benchmark group.

Customising a benchmarking chart
Edit a benchmarking chart by hovering over the chart and clicking ‘edit’. This will bring up the properties panel where you can further customise the chart. 

Change the primary metric for the chart by clicking on the metric. You can also change whether the current month quarter or year is under analysis.

If a company is part of multiple benchmark groups, you can use the drop-down menu to select the group you wish to use for comparative analysis.  


You can choose to sort by result, to show best performer to worst performer. You can also sort by alphabetical order, or by any segment which you have specified in the benchmark setup.

You can include a summary table which shows this company in relation to its peers.

How do you resize a benchmark chart?
It’s not possible to resize a scatterplot chart, as this occupies an entire row. It is possible to shift a row up or down the report, by hovering over the arrows icon and selecting 'move up/down'.