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Financials & Data Tables



Using the Report Editor, you can easily add and customise your financial statements to show the most relevant information. You can include a profit and loss and balance sheet report in detailed or summary form, or just a summary snippet to highlight key financials.

Start by clicking the ‘+’ button within the context of a report. Then in the content library, go to the ‘Tables & Financials’ category and choose from a range of predefined data tables and financial statements. Use the ‘columns’ and ‘rows’ filter to quickly find your desired layout.



Customising the layout of financial statements 
You can easily customise the rows and columns in your financial statements to achieve your desired layout. Simply drag and drop the columns in the properties panel, to change the layout. 


Click the ‘add a column’ button to add a new column of data in your financials, you can have up to 6 columns in one table.

Under ‘rows’, you can specify whether to show the P&L and Balance Sheet, just the P&L or just the Balance Sheet. You can also choose to show each of these in summary or detailed format, and either show or hide accounts with nil balances.


Some examples of the use cases that are supported include:

Monthly Financials
This month { This month }
This month vs Last month { This month, Last month, Variance ($), Variance (%)}
Last 3 months { This month, Prior month, Prior month -1, Prior month -2 }
This month vs budget { This month, Budget, Budget Variance ($), Budget Variance (%)}

Quarterly (or QTD)
This quarter { This quarter}
This quarter vs Last quarter { This quarter, Last quarter, Variance ($), Variance (%)}
Last 3 quarters { This quarter, Prior quarter, Prior quarter -1, Prior quarter -2 }
This quarter vs budget { This quarter, Budget, Budget Variance ($), Budget Variance (%)}

Annual (or YTD)
This year { This year}
This year vs Last year (or LYTD) { YTD, Last YTD, Variance ($), Variance (%)}
Last 3 Years { This year, Prior year, Prior year -1, Prior year -2 }
This year vs budget { YTD, Budget YTD, Budget YTD Variance ($), Budget YTD Variance (%)}

This month vs budget and This year vs budget { This month, Budget Variance ($), This year, Budget Variance ($)}

What is a “Financial Snippet”?
You can also choose to show a snippet of any account classification. A financial snippet allows you to select any account classification, and analyse this in a summary form. For example, revenue, cost of sales or expense accounts. Under ‘rows’, select to show a snippet, and then choose the classification that you wish to display using the drop-down menu.


Can columns be filtered to only show results for one division?
Tables can be filtered by department or location in the drop-down menu in the properties panel. This is useful for analysing the financials of any departments, locations or divisions that you’ve imported for this company.

Financial Trends
Financial trends are useful for looking at multi-period financials (ie. 12 months and Totals). This component can only be rendered in Landscape orientation, not Portrait.

Tip: you can include a forward projection (budget + actual) and a rolling 12 months column under the 'Other' category in the variable selector. 


Data tables allow you to create customised tables of key numbers, these can include both non-financials and financials KPIs. Data tables could be used to show a summary of key numbers, and their performance against target (or budget) for the period.

Customising the presentation of a data table
The content of these data tables can then be customised by hovering over the table, and clicking ‘Edit’. Use the rows section to customise what data is included in the table, and the columns to define what comparatives are included.

Rows can include KPIs, items from the summary Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, or any item from the source Chart of Accounts. Columns can include a prior period comparative, budget (or target) or a variance against budget.

Can columns be filtered to only show results for one division?
Columns can be filtered by division if there are imported for this company.