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Customising Reports

Fathom allows you to easily customise your reports with your own company or client branding. You can customise your report for both online and print mediums.

Online Reports
The header is the ‘Title Page’ of the report. It includes a background image, logo and text outlining the date when the report was published. To customise the header, click on the paint can icon within the header. edit_header.png

Upload a custom background image by selecting 'Image Fill' and choosing an image from your computer.  image_fill.png 

In order to change your logo, you will need to upload a company logo in Step 2 of the company set up. You can also choose whether or not you include the date of publishing on the published report. 

Printed Reports
You can set the orientation of the cover page to landscape or portrait. For the title, you can set the text alignment and the text colour.

Print options for fill can be no fill, colour fill or image fill. You can also upload your own cover page as an .svg file.

You can change the title of the report when you create the report. Alternatively, you can edit the title of the report by clicking directly in the title in the header.