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Breakdown Charts



Breakdown charts are useful for comparing key accounts within a company, or comparing the performance of your divisions, departments, locations or any other segments within your business. 

Add a Breakdown chart by clicking the '+' button in the Report Editor. From the content library, choose from a range of available Breakdown charts. 


Customising a breakdown chart
After adding a Breakdown chart, it can be easily customised. Hover over the chart and click 'Edit' to bring up the properties panel. From here, select whether to show results for the current month, quarter or year. 

By default, the chart will breakdown by 'Account'. This shows a selection of key account classifications (driven off your ‘tagging’ in Step 3 of the company setup). Change the account classification using the drop-down menu. 



You can also choose to breakdown by 'Division'. This will show a comparison across any divisions, departments or locations you have imported for this company.

breakdown_division.pngInstructions about importing divisional data can be found in these articles:

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Importing Class & Location data from Quickbooks
Importing Job & Category data from MYOB

Resizing a breakdown chart
It’s not possible to resize a breakdown chart, as this chart occupies a whole row. However, you can move a breakdown chart by hovering over the arrows to the right of the tool, and clicking ‘move row up/down’.