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Schedules help you with the creation and issue of timely reports. Using this feature, you can automatically create 'draft' or 'published' reports for a group of related companies or consolidated group using a template. 

Creating a schedule
Click on the 'Create schedule' button at the top of the 'scheduled reports' page. Schedules can be configured to run 'x' days after the end of each month, quarter or financial year. 


You can create a schedule for a 'draft' or 'published' report, and select which template you wish to use, using the drop-down menu. You can then choose to notify via user via email, when a report is created.

You can choose who will be notified when a scheduled report is created, by sending email notifications to: 

  • Nobody
  • All people
  • 'Viewer' ('Client') and 'Editor' ('Advisor') users only
  • 'Editor' ('Advisor') users only 
  • 'Editor' ('Advisor') and 'Admin' users only
  • 'Admin' users only 

Once a schedule has been run and the report published, the selected users will receive an email notification that links them directly to the report.

Editing a schedule
You can edit the properties and settings of a schedule by opening up the additional menu items.
You can force to run a schedule immediately, and you can also access: 

  • Settings (ie. update schedule) 
  • Pause / resume
  • Delete
  • View history


Creating a schedule for multiple companies
When creating a schedule, select a template that is shared with a group of companies. Then select the checkbox that applies the schedule to all companies using this template. This will then use the selected template, to automatically create reports for multiple companies at the specified time. 

You can update and make modifications to this schedule, by editing the 'settings' for this schedule. This will edit the template for all companies and groups who are currently using it.