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Templates can be used to create reports for a group of related companies in a consolidated group, or a benchmark group. You can also use a template to create a report for all companies.

There are two types of templates within the Reports Centre.

  1. Custom templates are specific to you or your organisation. These are templates which either you have created or another member of your organisation has created. 
  2. Predefined templates are report templates created by Fathom. These templates were the original Fathom reports, before the reporting upgrade. It is not possible to edit a predefined template. However, it is possible to duplicate a predefined template and customise this duplicate. 

Creating a template
To create a template, go to the Reports Centre and click 'Create a template' under Custom templates. Choose a name for the template, and choose a set of data to design this template. 

Note: this data is only used to design the template.


Choose a landscape or portrait orientation. This will influence the orientation of the first page of the template. This cannot be changed at a later date. 

After you've created a custom template, you can use it to run reports for: 

  • Only this company or group
  • Any companies or groups in a benchmark group
  • All companies or groups

Creating a report using a template
To create a report using a template, click ‘Create Report’ in the Reports Centre. From here, you can choose ‘use a template’ and then select a template from the dropdown menu.

Another way to achieve this is to go to the ‘Templates’ section, hover over the desired template and click ‘create a report’. You will be required to choose a period for the report and whether it is created as a draft or published report.



Creating a report for multiple companies
Templates shared with 'All companies and groups' can be found under the 'Other templates' heading in Custom Templates. Click 'Create a report' to quickly generate reports for one or more companies.


Using an existing template to create a new template
To use an existing template as a base for creating a new template, click the overflow menu next to the template (3 horizontal dots) and select 'duplicate template'. The duplicated template can then be tailored. It is possible to duplicate both predefined, and custom templates. 

Editing a template
If you edit a template which is shared with or used by other companies in your account, then any changes will impact the reports created using this template for these companies also.

Using the overflow menu, you can select a range of options for a custom template. The 'template sharing' settings allow you to select who can see, edit and use custom templates. These settings can be found when hovering over the custom template and selecting 'template sharing' from the additional options dropdown.

Which users can edit custom templates? 
The ability to edit each template can be restricted to:

  • Just me (only available for the creator of this template).
  • Only 'admin' users
  • Only 'editor' and 'admin' users
  • All users