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Importing from QuickBooks Desktop (in a hosted or server environment)

The Fathom Desktop Connector is a small application which downloads via your web browser and runs each time you need to import/update QB Desktop company data in Fathom. The Desktop Connector must be located in the same place as the QuickBooks file (ie. if the QB file is in a server, the Connector must be installed on the server. If the QB file is on your desktop, the connector can be run locally.)

If you are using the Desktop Connector to import QuickBooks Desktop files which sit in a hosted or server environment, issues can arise from the server not 'allowing' the Connector to run or access files in that environment. If an error message like the one below appears, you’ve likely run into this issue:


Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific instructions on how to ‘allow’ the Fathom Desktop Connector in your specific environment, as these settings can vary widely across servers. We recommend getting in touch with your network administrator to see if they are able to allow the Fathom Desktop Connector to run in your environment.


If your company files are hosted on Right Networks, Cloud9, or InsynQ, please contact our support team at for specific instructions on how to add the Fathom Desktop Connector in your environment.


Alternatively, there is a simple workaround to import in this situation:

  • Move/copy the files out of the server environment and onto your local desktop
  • Open your browser on your desktop, login to Fathom and launch the Fathom Desktop Connector (this must be done outside of the server environment as well)
  • Open the file in QuickBooks, ensuring that it is the only QB file currently open, and no other versions of QuickBooks are running (note: you will need to be logged into QB Desktop as a 'company admin,' 'master admin,' or ' accountant' level user to grant access)
  • Click the “Add Files” button in the Desktop Connector to browse for the file you’d like to import (be sure to select the copy from your desktop)


  • You may need to allow Fathom access to your QuickBooks file. When the screen below appears, choose the appropriate option and hit “continue” to grant permissions to the Fathom Desktop Connector


  • Select any classes/locations you’d like to bring over with the file, and click the “Update to Fathom” button in the Connector


Updating Data

To update your QB Desktop company in Fathom (after its initial import), simply move/copy the QB Desktop file(s) you'd like to update out of the server and onto your local desktop, launch the Fathom Desktop Connector, and select each file you'd like to update. You can only do a first-time import with one company file opened at a time, but you may select up to 50 company files at one time for subsequent updates using the Desktop Connector.


More Info

For more information on the Fathom Desktop Connector itself, please see our Support Article: Using the Fathom Desktop Connector



Downloading the Desktop Connector Support Log

If an error has occurred while you are using the desktop connector, our support team may request that you send us a 'Support Log'.

Accessing the support log from the desktop connector is simple:

  1. Select the 'About' link on the top right.
  2. Select the 'Support Log' link from the About window (see diagram)
  3. This will open up the support log. Select all the text in the log window, and email this back to